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peachy / персиковый, отличный, превосходный
имя прилагательное
peach, peachy
great, excellent, cool, splendid, classy, peachy
excellent, superb, superior, superlative, fine, peachy
имя прилагательное
of the nature or appearance of a peach.
For example people with blonde, auburn or ginger-brown hair are warm and should choose peachy , coral or orange pinks.
My first glimpse was of her bottom and what a peachy bum it is!
Long winter trousers are here for now so you can hide your shameful peachy skin.
Velvety-soft and topped with a pleasing peachy flavour, it is not far off the quality of the white wines produced from the Viognier grape in the northern Rhône, France - and they cost at least £20.
Suddenly realising that the dream job you have is not so peachy after all is a common complaint I get from readers of my own age.
She was glowing, with the sort of peachy complexion that makes the words ‘baby’ and ‘bottom’ spring to mind.
Instead I'll assure you that everything is just peachy and I don't have a thing to complain about!
Other areas of my life are less peachy .
The flowers are absolutely gorgeous and the Indian stones change colour to a peachy orange in the rain.
Everything could be quite peachy and we may be anxious over nothing.
I'd break free of all my complexes, become one of those amazingly self possessed seniors I was always in awe of, and everything would be just peachy .