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peach / персик, персиковое дерево, хлорит
имя существительное
peach, tomato
персиковое дерево
peach, peach-tree
chlorite, peach
babe, beautiful, cutie, lovely, bombshell, peach
первый сорт
имя прилагательное
peach, peachy
snitch, sneak, tell on, peach
inform, report, waft, denounce, tell, peach
tell tales, inform, peach
имя существительное
a round stone fruit with juicy yellow flesh and downy pinkish-yellow skin.
They are based on many different kinds of summer fruit, particularly stone fruits such as peaches and plums; and pears, apples, and quinces.
the Chinese tree that bears the peach.
Flowers grew all around, and I saw an apple tree and a peach tree to the side.
inform on.
the other members of the gang would not hesitate to peach on him if it would serve their purpose
The spray bottles in the garage, used to control insect pests on our cherry, peach and apple trees, disappeared.
it was another peach of a day
It was a peach of a strike and his celebration wasn't bad, either.
The balconies are marked by whorls of blue railings, the walls peach and powder blue.
The colour is pure pale pink, with a hint of peach on the outside of the buds, and the scent is warm and strong.
His skin was a light peach and he was dressed in almost blinding white robes.
His skin was a light peach and she could now tell he was almost 6 foot.
The key colours are bright coral, various shades of purple, peach and green.
Obviously the designers are requesting everyone to be more optimistic through their various pastel colors: powder pink, light purple, peach and soft blue.
It was a peach of a goal and no more than Down deserved.