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peacetime / мирного времени
имя прилагательное
мирного времени
имя существительное
мирное время
имя существительное
a period when a country is not at war.
Costs involved in each option will be assessed for both peacetime and wartime.
We should have the skills to create such systems and control them in peacetime and wartime.
Most people know this to be so during wartime, but the same is true during peacetime .
Both schemes were considered inappropriate in peacetime post-war Britain.
The request for such a large number of troops is unprecedented in peacetime .
People were calling for the same sorts of controls that were in place in the war to continue in peacetime .
The president realised that their economy was great for making tanks and guns and planes, but what do you do in peacetime ?
in peacetime , regiments were billeted upon towns and villages
Does war reporting justify a different set of ethics than those applied in peacetime ?
The only thought that comes to mind is that this marks the end of peacetime .
He often proved more expert than the experts, both in peacetime economics and in wartime strategy.