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peacemaker / миротворец, примиритель, револьвер
имя существительное
peacemaker, conciliator, pacificator, smoother, make-peace
conciliator, mediator, peacemaker, propitiator, make-peace
revolver, gun, pistol, gat, handgun, peacemaker
военное судно
имя существительное
a person who brings about peace, especially by reconciling adversaries.
In recent years, groups of children have taken on the roles of peacemakers in bringing forward personal causes for peace.
Well, on a personal level, how does he behave behind closed doors as a mediator, as a peacemaker of sorts?
He has been a great peacemaker , particularly in negotiations with the players association.
Enter no arguments, not even as a peacemaker , referee or umpire.
Before we exclude amnesty from the tools available to peacemakers , we need to conduct more research into the conditions of its successes and failures.
It's a conceptual tool for trying to evaluate enormously complex situations in the midst of a gospel that is, so to speak, biased toward blessing peacemakers .
They say that they're the peacemakers , we're the warmongers.
It's a trying week for diplomacy, but blessed are the peacemakers for they shall find creative ways of conflict resolution.
It covers a period of thirteen years on all the tracks, and it ends with some general reflections on the perils and pitfalls of peacemaking .
This is the peacemaking ritual, necessary before communion.
After eight years of peacemaking , they're pretty much back where they started, although with a lot more mutual distrust.