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peacekeeping / сохранение мира
имя существительное
сохранение мира
имя прилагательное
направленный на сохранение мира
имя существительное
the active maintenance of a truce between nations or communities, especially by an international military force.
the 2,300-strong UN peacekeeping force
the 2,300-strong UN peacekeeping force
They advocated more peacekeeping training, the deployment of more combat support units and more military police.
His attempt to take power by force was forestalled by a West African peacekeeping force financed largely by Nigeria.
Yorkshire troops have already played their part in both combat and peacekeeping duties.
All other nations' armed forces involved in Asia are deployed in peacekeeping missions.
After all, a South African peacekeeping force will provide them with necessary security requirements.
Some Royal Nepal Army personnel have served in United Nations peacekeeping forces.
Since 1948 there have been 49 UN peacekeeping operations, the majority since 1988.
The defence ministers discussed ways of reducing the peacekeeping contingent from its current 60,000 troops.
Do you specifically want the United Nations to have some sort of peacekeeping role there?