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peaceable / мирный, миролюбивый
имя прилагательное
peaceful, peace, peaceable, quiet, calm, pacific
peaceable, pacific, peace-loving, peace-minded
имя прилагательное
inclined to avoid argument or violent conflict.
they were famed as an industrious, peaceable, practical people
On Sunday and Monday, the police fell back to let unpermitted demonstrations proceed to their peaceable conclusions.
Elections happen on time and votes are accurately counted and peaceable changes of government occur as a matter of unremarkable course.
And because I am a peaceable citizen, I should easily meet his criterion that no immediate damage would be done by allowing this.
The Shiites, also grateful, are also relatively peaceable .
It points out how neither the left nor the right has been able to resist enacting its moral programs as law, and neither is content to leave peaceable citizens alone.
The Viking city in 975 AD is a fairly peaceable sort of place.
For now, the religious factions are facing off in a fairly rarefied and generally peaceable manner.
Throughout these poems, the implicit argument is: Why can't the whole world be as peaceable as my little corner of it is?
Manners, for her, are one of the ways we show respect for others, mind our own business, and maintain a peaceable and kind society.
The holding of a demonstration or vigil, however peaceable , had nothing to do with the right of passage, and the justices had therefore been right to convict.