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peace / мир, покой, спокойствие
имя существительное
world, peace, universe, kingdom, quiet, pax
peace, rest, quiet, comfort, repose, quietness
tranquility, calm, serenity, peace, calmness, quiet
имя прилагательное
peaceful, peace, peaceable, quiet, calm, pacific
имя существительное
freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.
you can while away an hour or two in peace and seclusion
freedom from or the cessation of war or violence.
the Straits were to be open to warships in time of peace
a ceremonial handshake or kiss exchanged during a service in some churches (now usually only in the Eucharist), symbolizing Christian love and unity.
The incomprehensible sermon was long past, and the handshake of peace was next.
used as a greeting.
used as an order to remain silent.
Would this move bring me the happiness and peace of mind that I feel I have needed recently?
It will definitely help bring some peace of mind to law-abiding citizens who are rightfully concerned about the safety of their children.
From the layman's point of view, a spiritual life gives you calmness and peace of mind.
the Straits were to be open to warships in time of peace
the peace of mind this insurance gives you
Even so I seemed at every point of contact to be surrounded by abrasive people intent on disturbing my peace , my comfort, and my equable nature.
Contention leads to war, and war is the antithesis of civil peace .
The meeting was held to chalk out measures for restoring peace on the campus.
support for a negotiated peace
police action to restore peace