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payroll / платежная ведомость
имя существительное
платежная ведомость
payroll, paysheet, paylist, paybill
имя существительное
a list of a company's employees and the amount of money they are to be paid.
there are just three employees on the payroll
In an age when general staff pensions did not exist the railways might well keep elderly staff on the payroll for nominal duties.
The players think that the free market should determine the minimum payroll for the teams.
At its peak, there were over 500 staff on the payroll but that is now down to about 330.
It's hard to find a computer security organisation without a few curious types on the payroll .
As long as they have me in some sort of role, as long as they have me on the payroll , then I'll be happy.
It is also likely to open the door to more recruitment of office staff with 25 now on the payroll .
small employers with a payroll of less than £45,000
The work is being done by staff already on the payroll , and by volunteers.
It was these numbers showing up on the payroll that tipped off Ellison.
We'll also be able to shrink the number of government workers already on the payroll .