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payphone / телефон-автомат
имя существительное
payphone, pay station
имя существительное
a public telephone that is operated by coins or by a credit or prepaid card.
The rain pounded on her head as she lifted the phone from the payphone .
She took a bus to get here and phoned me from a payphone when she arrived.
I could not run to the payphone fast enough to phone my mom.
The reception was fuzzy, as if she were answering from a payphone .
It's no surprise that the public payphone is a declining species.
The two girls scurried to the payphone and grabbed the phonebook from it.
Lisa stood in front of the payphone , wondering where she had put her cell phone.
As she walked out to the car parking lot and picked up the payphone to dial her father, she knew she was in for a ride.
I shouldn't call from a public payphone , because it's charged at £1 per minute.
John, now leaning against a newspaper-vending box, puts more coins in the payphone .