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payout / выплата
имя существительное
pay, payout, repayment, disbursement, payoff, redemption
имя существительное
a large payment of money, especially as compensation or a dividend.
an insurance payout
An investor must be listed as a holder of record to ensure the right of a dividend payout .
He declined to give figures for the lowest payout or the average compensation.
Its current valuation is appealing and its dividend payout looks as robust as any of the major banks.
In this environment it is the dividend payout that has roared back into fashion.
Instead, he enjoys an annual payout that would pay off most people's mortgage.
an insurance payout
an insurance payout
However, just recently, the future dividend payouts at these companies have been thrown into turmoil.
The dividend payouts become more and more suspect the further down the table you go.
However, insurers say they need to see the results to prevent people cashing in unfairly on huge insurance payouts .