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payment / оплата, платеж, плата
имя существительное
payment, remuneration, disbursement, repayment, reimbursement, defrayal
payment, paying
pay, fee, payment, toll, premium
имя существительное
the action or process of paying someone or something, or of being paid.
ask for a discount for payment by cash
an amount paid or payable.
an interim compensation payment of $2500
Additionally, you will miss out on early payment discounts, which lots of companies now offer.
The Ministry of Economy has appointed lawyers, who will settle payment of the fines.
a suit with a velvet collar that I got as payment for being in the show
Otherwise, you will make offers of payment you simply will not be able to afford or honour.
The underlying problem is one about payment of fees, is it not?
The workers were demanding the payment of wage arrears and improved working conditions.
The company is also completing a new site, which will enable online reservation and payment .
Some also involve the payment of fees which can vary considerably depending on the scheme.
They demanded the immediate payment of wage arrears outstanding for nearly a year.
Many stores will accept payment by cheque or postal order.