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payload / полезная нагрузка
имя существительное
полезная нагрузка
payload, actual load
имя существительное
the part of a vehicle's load, especially an aircraft's, from which revenue is derived; passengers and cargo.
The airplane will usually be carrying a payload (passengers, cargo, weapons) and often a full load of fuel.
an explosive warhead carried by a missile.
It will carry a warhead payload of 404 dual-purpose improved conventional munition bomblets.
It will weigh less than 30 pounds and carry up to 6 pounds of payload .
Like an unwanted cargo hulk lugging its toxic payload from port to port around the world, there's no telling where it will end up next.
The indigenous surface-to-surface missile, capable of carrying a payload of 1 ton, took off from a mobile launcher.
The vehicle also incorporates the option to one day double the payload using restartable second-stage engines.
The inevitable consequence of all the improvements is a heavier airplane and a reduced payload , only about 440 pounds with all tanks full.
If you're going to arrive and perform humanitarian relief, you wouldn't want armor but would want to maximize payload .
Multiple-stage technology would enable the missile to travel further or to carry a larger payload .
These were later identified as being intermediate range missiles capable of carrying a nuclear payload .
Each payload would have to be inspected before blast off to ensure its peaceful nature.
The A700's payload with full fuel is expected to be 725 lb.