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payback / выплачивать, возвращать, отплачивать
pay out, pay back, discharge, redeem, extinguish
return, repay, restore, bring back, give back, reimburse
repay, pay, retaliate, pay back, requite, pay out
имя существительное
financial return or reward, especially profit equal to the initial outlay of an investment.
a long time lag between investment and payback
an act of revenge or retaliation.
the drive-by shootings are mainly paybacks
I don't think she'll do it, but the dare was good enough payback .
She declines to discuss return on investment, but insists payback will come.
Businesses often look for a two to three-year payback on capital investments.
Give things time to show payback or return on your initial investment.
She rather enjoyed embarrassing him; it was a kind of payback for all the times she had felt like a fool in his presence.
It was suppose to be payback for the defeat he, Rich and Kevin suffered yesterday on the volleyball court.
I don't think you can argue that they were consciously thinking of it as a payback for what Australia did.
Thus, I believe the monthly wage bill contributes just as much to their problems as the payback on investment.
But the payback will have been so long coming, and so uncertain, that it can't have been much of a motivation.
a long time lag between investment and payback