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payable / подлежащий уплате, платежеспособный, доходный
имя прилагательное
подлежащий уплате
payable, repayable
solvent, payable, responsible, sound, copper-bottomed
profitable, commercial, lucrative, gainful, paying, payable
имя прилагательное
(of money) required to be paid; due.
interest is payable on the money owing
able to be paid.
it costs just $195, payable in five monthly installments
имя существительное
debts owed by a business; liabilities.
Important clues are also certainly found on the liability side, with unusual increases in account payables or increased debt levels.
a deposit of 50 euro is payable
The money was payable as a lump sum, quantified in advance, when it could not be foreseen what damages might have to be paid in the event of an accident.
If Gus closes or sells the business or subleases the space to another business, the loan is due and payable in full.
A pension lump sum is payable to the estate, and therefore can be paid to a cohabitee named in the deceased's will.
And the manager's fees are payable in advance, is that right?
The classes will cost E25 and this fee is payable on registration.
It is common ground that under the written agreement in draft and as executed, rent was payable , by implication of law, annually in arrear.
Make your check payable to the charity, not the person taking up the collection.
The payment is equal to the market value, which is lower than the income tax payable on the share option gain.
My understanding is that all these taxes are payable when I sell the fund.