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pay / платить, заплатить, оплачивать
pay, give, disburse, stump up, render, plank
pay, pay for, settle, meet, foot, defray
имя существительное
pay, fee, payment, toll, premium
salary, wages, wage, pay, remuneration, screw
pay, payday, pay envelope, pay-packet
имя прилагательное
economic, economical, rentable, workable, paying, pay
industrial, manufactured, manufacturing, technical, payable, pay
имя существительное
the money paid to someone for regular work.
those working on contract may receive higher rates of pay
give (someone) money that is due for work done, goods received, or a debt incurred.
he paid the locals to pick his coffee beans
suffer a loss or other misfortune as a consequence of an action.
the destroyer responsible for these atrocities would have to pay with his life
give or bestow (attention, respect, or a compliment) on (someone).
no one paid them any attention
seal (the deck or hull seams of a wooden ship) with pitch or tar to prevent leakage.
What he didn't know was that he still had a debt to his brother that he would have to pay with his life.
If we carry on for much longer in this uninspiring vein, he may pay with his head.
Why are you allowed to exceed water allocation limits if you can simply afford to pay the surcharge?
In the ruthless trade of people smuggling they will increasingly pay with their lives.
did you pay cash for it?
the destroyer would have to pay with his life
Brian is surprised and please when Frank turns up each week to pay his instalments on the cost of the stolen tools.
Since most do not operate to earn profits, these enterprises do not pay dividends to shareholders.
showing up and collecting your pay
some of the services don't pay