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pawnshop / ломбард
имя существительное
pawnshop, popshop, limbo
имя существительное
a pawnbroker's shop, especially one where unredeemed items are sold to the public.
Second-hand stores and pawnshops in Vancouver send in 400,000 routine reports each year on the items they purchase.
Resources could be spread over the year or week by credit from the local store or taking possessions to the pawnshop .
She knew that she was in luck when she saw a small pawnshop tucked away in the corner of the alley.
Our only used bookstore has gone, to be replaced by a pawnshop , of all things.
The medicinal shop just a few doors down from the pawnshop was a very small building.
Somebody in the Boston pawnshops might recognize her.
There are instant-finance places, pawnshops , and everything else.
Even in the lousiest of pawnshops it wouldn't have fetched anything worthwhile.
Police also conducted an audit of local pawnshops to find stolen goods.
I love scouring pawnshops and Cash Converters, used book, CD and video stores.
One hundred and fourteen mobile phones were confiscated from the pawnshops .