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pave / вымостить, мостить, выстилать
pave, causeway, causey
имя существительное
мощеная улица
pavement, roadway, road, paving, causeway, pave
проезжая часть
carriageway, pave
cover (a piece of ground) with concrete, asphalt, stones, or bricks; lay paving over.
the yard at the front was paved with flagstones
имя существительное
a setting of precious stones placed so closely together that no metal shows.
a solid diamond pavé
a paved street, road, or path.
Once of the first things I did was pave the front with concrete.
The pathway leading up to the horrible castle is paved with stones of an extraordinary color.
The street in front of her was paved in glossy grey stones, curving up into a bridge that spanned the width of a river.
Ordering their destruction would be similar to telling a county council to turf over newly paved road shoulders.
The one-mile track was first paved with limestone and concrete in 1954.
The circuit became a motorsport venue soon after and was paved with bricks.
The pathways are paved with flagstones or crushed stones.
Driveways and curbs were the only paved areas on this cul-de-sac.
Well, I came to America because I heard the streets were paved with gold.
A new fountain and a patio paved with Lodi gravel replaced a decrepit pond.