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pause / пауза, перерыв, остановка
имя существительное
pause, break, interval, rest, stop, hold
break, interruption, pause, interval, rest, intermission
stop, stopping, halt, stoppage, standstill, pause
делать паузу
stop, dwell, stay, halt, pause, shut down
имя существительное
a temporary stop in action or speech.
she dropped me outside during a brief pause in the rain
interrupt action or speech briefly.
she paused, at a loss for words
Better still, you will be able to pause the download operation, disconnect, make a phone call and then resume.
He might pause at the office briefly before leaving for the day.
After a brief pause , Felix returns to the phone and the line starts ringing.
And there is a pause in your speech, but I can tell you would still like to say more.
One additional feature of these devices is the ability to pause normal TV shows.
It will reconnect at any time; pause it, quit it, turn the computer off, you can start the download again and it's fine.
he chattered away without pause
It's a text without spacing, a speech without pause for breath.
After a brief pause , he said ‘Sorry, mate, but there's a dress code.’
At midday, buses will pull to the side of the road, black cabs will stop and people will pause in their daily routine.