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pauper / нищий, нищенский
имя прилагательное
pauper, mendicant
beggarly, squalid, pauper, needy, mangy
имя существительное
beggar, pauper, mendicant, panhandler, Lazarus, lazar
pauper, beggar, cracker, deadbeat, poor body, down-and-outer
живущий на пособие по бедности
имя существительное
a very poor person.
Disease spread rapidly among the half starved and half clothed paupers .
I suspect he's buried in a pauper 's grave somewhere there in that little town's cemetery, long since forgotten.
he died a pauper
She was buried in a pauper 's grave this weekend.
Was your great grandfather a prince or a pauper ?
And the heat went out of the pursuit eventually, and when he died in 1762, although a pauper , he was no longer a fugitive.
However, I was as poor as a pauper with a broken carriage and no prince.
By Winter he is penniless, far from home, and buried in an unmarked pauper 's grave.
Aren't the measures proposed in the Budget designed to further enrich the rich and pauperise the poor?
They will have died, lonely, homeless, frightened and pauperised , deserted by us.
In the volatile economic climate of Georgian Britain, even this slender lifeline might preserve a broken old redcoat from pauperdom or worse.