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paucity / недостаточность, малочисленность, малое количество
имя существительное
failure, insufficiency, inadequacy, paucity, incompetence
малое количество
paucity, relish
малое число
few, paucity
имя существительное
the presence of something only in small or insufficient quantities or amounts; scarcity.
a paucity of information
Let me start with an apology for the paucity of blogging lately.
The paucity of humility shown by the Government in the face of such antipathy is stomach-churning.
I wondered what was more depressing, the paucity of his vocabulary or the absence of musical taste.
There is at present a paucity of evaluations of disease management programmes.
To those outside the subculture it may appear as if there is a paucity of other alternatives.
The paucity of these qualities in the present Republic would stagger them.
Much of this product is now powerloom woven, due to a paucity of labour.
Instead the search engines are simply reporting the paucity of information on the internet about these people.
a paucity of information
Recently the city has been widely criticised for the paucity of its 60th anniversary plans.