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patty / пирожок, лепешечка
имя существительное
pie, patty
patty, pastil, pastille
имя существительное
a small flat cake of minced or finely chopped food, especially meat.
The burgers consist of chicken or beef patties sandwiched between two rice cakes.
The man held out both hands, a cooked hamburger patty in one and the shirt in the other.
We started with the meat patty , as that was a simple round.
Form a ground beef patty and throw it on the grill.
A man was eating a peppermint patty on his porch and he was shocked by his implantable cardioverter defibrillator, and guess what he doesn't like to eat anymore?
I push the pastry down loosely into the patty tins.
To test for taste, make a small patty of the meat mixture and sauté until cooked.
Follow the cake directions, substituting halved jelly beans for the spots and a small mint patty for the head.
So when I needed a little sugary fix, I always knew that I could stop by my mother's house and grab a licorice twist or peppermint patty .
"I always come out here, " I said eating my chicken patty .
Using the same pan, fry a small patty of the meat mixture and taste to test the seasoning.