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pattern / узор, шаблон, образец
имя существительное
pattern, design, tracery, weave
template, pattern, routine, stereotype, gauge, mold
sample, pattern, specimen, model, example, piece
copy, replicate, imitate, pattern, calk
следовать примеру
follow the lead of, emulate, pattern, be in the track of, tread in steps
делать по образцу
имя прилагательное
exemplary, model, standard, copybook, banner, pattern
exemplary, estimated, approximate, model, pattern, pi
имя существительное
a repeated decorative design.
a neat blue herringbone pattern
a model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts.
Using a T-shirt and an A-line skirt as guides, make paper patterns .
decorate with a recurring design.
rosebud patterned wallpapers
give a regular or intelligible form to.
the brain not only receives information, but interprets and patterns it
External root hairs occur in a pattern governed by the arrangement of underlying cortical cells.
The fabric is baby blue with a pattern of assorted donuts.
By the early 70s, the pattern was becoming quite discernible.
the house had been built on the usual pattern
a neat blue herringbone pattern
There were fascicles of spindle cells sometimes arranged in a whorled pattern or admixed with thick collagen fibers.
Students learn about quality control, dress designing, pattern making, merchandising and administrative work in a garment factory.
Now, if I can stay awake until tonight I might just be able to get back into a regular pattern again.
most interviews follow a similar pattern
this will set the pattern for the weeks ahead