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patsy / козел отпущения, простофиля, трус
имя существительное
козел отпущения
scapegoat, goat, fall guy, patsy, whipping-boy
dupe, simp, simpleton, ninny, gawk, patsy
coward, chicken, poltroon, craven, patsy, capon
имя существительное
a person who is easily taken advantage of, especially by being cheated or blamed for something.
Mapes thereby revealed herself to be a patsy , a mark, a victim of the Big Con.
He seems to perpetually be a patsy or bad guy in everything he plays, which I suppose he can't complain about since he's made a living at it.
So can you believe that Ashley already has a new patsy for the school year?
Mapes thereby revealed herself to be a patsy , a mark, a victim of the Big Con.
‘I know what a patsy is,’ Bert says, mimicking Jonnie's earlier words.
A well-dressed man virtually fed the victim to the mob, then escaped, and Marquez wonders if the supposed assassin was really an innocent patsy .
There had to be darker forces, some mysterious hand driving him to do this, to make him a patsy , then to silence him in public.
He says he is being made a patsy by the government.
The average guy who buys a mutual fund is not an investor at all; he's a chump, a patsy , a schmuck.
There is a difference between being magnanimous and being a patsy .
This is a fiendishly clever plot, and he is indeed the patsy .