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patronize / покровительствовать, опекать, шефствовать
patronize, protect, favor, philanthropize, favour
patronize, mark
patronize, have the patronage
treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority.
“She's a good-hearted girl,” he said in a patronizing voice
frequent (a store, theater, restaurant, or other establishment) as a customer.
restaurants remaining open in the evening were well patronized
Nobody is forcing shoppers to patronize grocery stores that offer discount cards.
Members create, finance and patronize the cooperative.
People who do not travel into cities to work are much less likely to patronize restaurants, theatres and shops.
They run the neighborhood restaurants, bicycle stores, and flower shops you patronize .
Do locals not have rights to patronize establishments in their own country?
If employees don't patronize the stores, then it's difficult to see how they can expect customers to do so.
He said two types of consumers patronize dollar stores.
‘Such food festivals are popular because those who regularly patronize the restaurant, appreciate a change in the menu,’ he added.
In the ad, a father tries to explain to his son why no customers patronize the family restaurant, which mainly sells pork meat-ball soup.
This is a great time to patronize your local shops, too, they'll be liquidating as well.