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patroness / покровительница, патронесса, заступница
имя существительное
patroness, protectress
имя существительное
a female patron.
She'd been so timid that she had been frightened of the very dancing partners that the patronesses of Almack's had chosen for her.
By the way, Allison, did you get any patroness to sponsor dear Cecilia?
She turned away to welcome the next person, a longtime member of Early Music Society, a widow and patroness .
This year, the firm has found another work by the artist - a depiction of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and patroness the arts.
It was written at the court of Marie de Champaigne, influential patroness of the arts.
Sadly, Rameau outlived his patroness by only a few months.
Cecilia became patroness of music through a misunderstanding.
She ends up as a patroness of the arts because she enjoys posing for a nude statue (and seducing the sculptor).
In New York in 1956, he lent a picture of Thérèse, patroness of all the sick, to a friend dying of bone cancer and realized, as he did so, the primacy of God's love.
Lady Mary was a highly respected patroness of the arts all her life.
The Empress lives on as a spiritual guide and patroness of our present day Shih Tzu.