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patronage / покровительство, патронаж, шефство
имя существительное
patronage, protection, favor, protectorship, auspice, favour
patronage, social welfare
имя существительное
the support given by a patron.
the arts could no longer depend on private patronage
the power to control appointments to office or the right to privileges.
recruits are selected on merit, not through political patronage
a patronizing or condescending manner.
a twang of self-satisfaction—even patronage—about him
the regular business given to a store, restaurant, or public service by a person or group.
the direct train link was ending because of poor patronage
(in ancient Rome) the rights and duties or the position of a patron.
I need to prepare for a new chapter in my coffee shop patronage .
A picket outside the casino earlier this month attracted about 80 people and resulted in a loss of patronage .
Without the patronage of readers like you at home, none of this would be possible.
At the same time its patronage and its power were greatly extended.
My own patronage of his shop has been steadfast over these 27 years since that initial purchase.
Many restaurants were reluctant to participate in this study, believing it might interfere with customer patronage or employee service.
Private patronage was scarce and was dominated by expatriates and a small bourgeoisie.
Leaders of other parties have powers of patronage and can select their own people in positions.
to be under someone's patronage
Over-zealous political patronage , greed and power are behind the latest saga, no doubt.