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patrolman / патрульный, полицейский
имя существительное
police, policeman, police officer, cop, officer, patrolman
имя существительное
a patrolling police officer.
Instead of arriving at the central police station, the patrolman pulled into a satellite station.
In January 1969 he joined the Washington Metropolitan Police Department as a patrolman .
A patrolman should do duty in his home precinct, one said, ‘because he is more familiar with conditions’.
The largest remaining problem was with the method used by the station to contact the patrolman , whether he was on a car or on foot.
Finally, a retired highway patrolman monitoring a police scanner slowed the suspect by using his car to block the suspect on a small residential road.
there was a patrolman on the steps to keep the curious away
Concerned for both her safety, and that of other road users, the patrolman then called police.
But police say a sharp-eyed patrolman helped prevent a much larger tragedy there.
So she borrowed a highway patrolman 's radar gun.
This way, if a call was made by a patrolman and a patrol wagon was sent, the officers aboard the wagon were able to listen for the ringing alarm.
Why is a police surveillance camera on a public street any more intrusive than a patrolman stationed on the corner?