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patristic / принадлежащий 'отцам церкви'
имя прилагательное
принадлежащий 'отцам церкви'
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the early Christian theologians or to patristics.
The hymns for the feasts of Christ and his Mother constitute a course in patristic Christology and Trinitarian theology.
The first is entitled ‘Ancient Origins,’ in which he traces the primitive and patristic eras of the Christian church.
Pilgrimage, of course, is a staple of Christian piety whose roots stretch back into the early patristic period.
Like his nationality, the maleness of Jesus has no Christological significance in patristic tradition.
Since the patristic era, theologians have taught that at the heart of the eternal divine dynamic is the relationship between the first and second trinitarian persons.
This could theoretically have been suggestive of an alternative view, but to my knowledge this did not occur in the patristic era.
It may also be said that patristic and medieval theologians also made liberal use of diverse sources.
The Spirit of Early Christian Thought does not suggest that the patristic era represents the whole of the tradition.
Other sources, give the biblical, patristic and theological arguments for this better than me though.
Her appeal to a range of sources within the tradition is laudable, particularly since patristic theologians had been neglected in her book until this point.
Anyone interested in the Cappadocian Fathers or patristic theology should find this book a pleasure to read and an excellent orientation to Gregory's life and work.