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patrimony / наследие, вотчина, наследство
имя существительное
heritage, legacy, inheritance, patrimony, heirloom, hangover
patrimony, barony
inheritance, heritage, legacy, patrimony, bequest, residue
имя существительное
property inherited from one's father or male ancestor.
The modern official formation of the Japanese canon of cultural patrimony dates back to the first cultural protection law of 1871.
After all, the history of the United States has left a peculiar ideological patrimony .
The most notable elements of the Andorran patrimony are its thirty Romanesque churches, almost all of them small, built between the ninth and the thirteenth centuries.
The importance of these collections in preserving the cultural patrimony of African Americans in particular and Americans in general is indisputable.
Such places of natural beauty were to be passed ‘as a sacred patrimony from generation to generation’.
And they wouldn't be considered cultural patrimony .
They belong permanently to Europe's spiritual patrimony and ought to remain constitutive of its unity.
There was a void of cultural leadership about how to handle the city's built patrimony .
owners refuse to part with their patrimony in the interests of agricultural development
In the 1980s, the ‘family’ could no longer be held together and a division of its patrimony became inevitable.
By the early 20th century the conservatives had gained ascendancy and the presidency remained within a handful of élite families as if it were their personal patrimony .