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patricide / отцеубийство, отцеубийца
имя существительное
parricide, patricide
parricide, patricide
имя существительное
the killing of one's father.
Infanticide, patricide , suicide, gender bias, and substance abuse - are all to be found in various animal species.
This is, perhaps, the most horrifying of all the revelations in the poem and in the piece, for now we know that it was by his own Mother's counsel that Edward committed the heinous crime of patricide .
So this is really the old patricide begging sympathy because he's an orphan.
It's about fratricide, patricide , matricide - the ultimate dysfunctional family.
She has suspected Maerose of planning patricide for some time now.
After all, even if a sultan died in his own bed of ‘natural causes’, poisoning would be suspected because patricide was the most common and convenient means of ascending the throne.
The book opens, for example, with the public execution of Beatrice Cenci in Rome, for patricide , on Sept.11, 1599.
The family dynamic gets splintered when Glen develops a second personality - Glenda - and starts acting out, leading to spectacular patricide .
Rather than openly contemplating patricide , shouldn't you be identifying with your father so as to accommodate your Oedipal impulses?
I think his obsession with patricide should occupy him at present.
My Dad does this and it makes me what to commit patricide .