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patrician / патриций, аристократ
имя существительное
aristocrat, nobleman, patrician
имя прилагательное
aristocratic, patrician, aristocratical, noblemanly, silk-stocking
имя прилагательное
belonging to or characteristic of the aristocracy.
a proud, patrician face
имя существительное
an aristocrat or nobleman.
Ideology justifies the rule of each ruling class, whether as chieftains, patricians , landowners, or those with capital, the bourgeoisie.
And her patrician demeanour bespeaks her standing in the sport over which she has reigned supreme for a period spanning three Olympics.
The latter was of patrician birth and a political hostess.
A Roman patrician 's pride and joy was his vegetables.
Now there, he thought, was the face and bearing of a true patrician .
This was the era of patrician history, when scholars followed the great classical historians in holding up to posterity examples of errors, failings, and laudable deeds.
In the 1860s a few patrician merchants' wives subscribed independently on guarantee lists of the German opera.
His straight, patrician nose simply added to the resolute, aristocratic aura surrounding him.
Was last night as close as the upstart governor will ever get to beating the patrician Senator?
In the late nineteenth century, patrician historians produced hundreds of books, prints, lectures, classes, and tours about an imagined colonial city known as Old New York.
Municipal reform might well replace a patrician oligarchy of local gentry and merchants, weakening collective action and undermining the corporate, civic culture.