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patisserie / кондитерская
кондитерские изделия
имя существительное
a shop where French pastries and cakes are sold.
But in France, they are carefully hand-harvested and sold as a seasonal luxury to serve atop perfect individual custard tarts at Paris patisseries .
The marriage is abandoned and she leaves university, moving to another village, where she finds work at a patisserie .
Not that my visit is all patisserie and cafe au lait, goodness no.
He perked up a bit when we went down the stairs to the patisserie for a cookie.
The kids were only interested in the towns and villages if they had a patisserie and a swimming pool; the canal was too murky to be jumping into.
It was a real boost to the spirits, as was the coffee and cake I had at a patisserie afterwards.
Few, these days, have time for a trip to the patisserie before work, which explains the fast-growing popularity of that Anglo-Saxon import, the breakfast cereal.
Now an upmarket shop, it has 46 employees and operates a patisserie , delicatessen and a meat, game and poultry section.
Rob was at the finish with two bags full of cookies and bonbons from a local patisserie .
I hated it and I knew I wanted to be in the kitchen, so in 1956 I headed straight for Paris to work in a patisserie , indulging my love of sugar and sweetness.
the patisserie also specializes in cheesecakes and tortes