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paternity / отцовство, авторство, происхождение по отцу
имя существительное
paternity, fatherhood, parenthood, parentage
authorship, paternity
происхождение по отцу
имя существительное
(especially in legal contexts) the state of being someone's father.
he refused to admit paternity of the child
paternal origin.
his enemies made great play of the supposed dubiety of his paternity
The couple took their son to the Institute of Forensic Sciences under the Ministry of Justice for paternity testing.
Experts say these are likely to focus on the issue of legal paternity .
First, it seeks to encourage more sole parent beneficiaries to establish paternity , and apply for child support.
There are three legal paternity testing centres in Shanghai.
Inclusion of the man's name on the birth register as the child's father is prima facie evidence of his paternity .
The Child Support Agency and the Courts don't distinguish between married or single fathers if the father admits paternity .
That would mean he had to admit paternity to Gabby then pay alimony.
However, such retaliation requires the ability to assess paternity , which is apparently rare.
In Austria new fathers enjoy 10 days paid paternity leave.
If the government is serious about encouraging fathers to take paternity leave, they have to do more.