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paternalism / патернализм, отеческое попечение
имя существительное
отеческое попечение
имя существительное
the policy or practice on the part of people in positions of authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to them in the subordinates' supposed best interest.
the arrogance and paternalism that underlies cradle-to-grave employment contracts
He remained throughout his life motivated by an abiding belief in the twin myths of racial paternalism and national mission.
attitudes in society reinforce a degree of paternalism among doctors
There is a thoroughly conservative article here that takes up the burden of finding a balance between liberty and paternalism .
For public health policy to be realised, paternalism must be replaced by active encouragement of patients to participate in their own care.
This is where paternalism - chosen or imposed - must be admitted.
I moved towards the right by talking to the alleged ‘beneficiaries’ of liberal paternalism .
Thanks to your misguided paternalism , racial tension will always be front and center.
The Government may mean well in moving this bill forward, but such paternalism is misplaced when it changes the rules of the social game.
This kind of paternalism will not solve the problem.
the arrogance and paternalism that underlies cradle-to-grave employment contracts