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patentee / владелец патента
имя существительное
владелец патента
имя существительное
a person or organization that obtains or holds a patent for something.
Fourthly, a patentee who seeks to obtain an unfair advantage from a patent, which he knows or should have known should be amended, will not be allowed to amend.
But what the patentee then tries to do to broaden their monopoly without giving any additional consideration is to make that assertion at page 4, lines 10 to 12.
Although he is not deemed to be a patent lawyer, the patentee should be taken to be aware of the primary, and rather different, purposes of the specification and the claims when he is drafting his patent.
Such an order was made, and such a schedule produced by the patentee , in this case.
In those instances, however, the patentee still might rebut the presumption that estoppel bars a claim of equivalence.
The patentee may not obtain a monopoly for matter which he has not told the public about.
The scope of the monopoly that a patentee gets is determined by the claims.
Where it is clear that the patentee did not intend to obtain protection for particular variants, it is not open to the court to extend the monopoly to cover them.
The notional addressee is not expected to find the patentee 's presumed intention from the specification.
the patentee has twelve months to apply for patents in other countries
In such a case, a patentee cannot be in a better position than a patentee who properly instructs the draftsman.