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patent / патент, изобретение, диплом
имя существительное
patent, license, patent right, licence
invention, patent, device, artifice, contrivance, notion
diploma, patent, sheepskin
брать патент
имя прилагательное
available, accessible, approachable, patent, open, obtainable
patented, proprietary, patent, licensed, officinal, licenced
имя прилагательное
easily recognizable; obvious.
she was smiling with patent insincerity
(of a vessel, duct, or aperture) open and unobstructed; failing to close.
The renal artery, vein, and attached segment of ureter were patent and showed no evidence of tumor involvement.
made and marketed under a patent; proprietary.
patent milk powder
имя существительное
a government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.
he took out a patent for an improved steam hammer
obtain a patent for (an invention).
an invention is not your own until it is patented
The scientists of previous generations who refused to patent their breakthrough discoveries were neither naive nor saintly.
One problem is that there is apparently no penalty for filing a bogus patent .
The first is to identify the inventive concept embodied in the patent in suit.
What is a patent truism to one side is an obvious falsehood to the other.
He didn't win, but he received a patent for his invention in 1870.
The continued blind oversight of human rights abuses in conjunction with the blatant abuse of democracy is patent , and is incomprehensible.
The renal artery, vein, and attached segment of ureter were patent and showed no evidence of tumor involvement.
What seems to plague both of these films and so many like them is their patent insincerity.
And if companies patent parts of the genome, they perhaps get exclusivity.
The present proceedings were initiated by the claimant, whose claim alleges that Process A infringes the patent in suit.