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paten / дискос, металлический кружок, металлический диск
имя существительное
металлический кружок
металлический диск
plaque, paten
имя существительное
a plate, typically made of gold or silver, used for holding the bread during the Eucharist and sometimes as a cover for the chalice.
The hand-crafted wooden pews and pulpits, the hanging lamps and church bells, and the silver communion chalices and patens brought the material glory of Christianity home to the worshipers in the wilderness.
Each cardinal votes in disguised handwriting on a preprinted Latin form, folds it, and walks individually to the Sistine Chapel's altar, where he places the ballot on a paten and slips it into a chalice so all can see that a vote was cast.
I brought my kit, which included a tiny paten and a screw-together chalice, a seminary graduation gift.
Incense of sandalwood swung from the thurible in his hand, smoking blue over font, chalice, and paten .
He thanked them for the beautiful chalice and paten they had donated.
On closer examination archaeologists from Sheffield University discovered it was the skeleton of a priest who had been buried holding a chalice and paten - vessels used for Holy Communion.
After all ballots have been cast, the first teller covers the chalice with the paten and shakes it a few times to mix the ballots.
The very entrance of the priest, bearing the veiled chalice and paten and preceded by servers, announces that an action of extraordinary importance is about to be re-enacted.
Then he handed the altar cross, eternal light, altar service book, paten and chalice, baptismal bowl and lectern Bible to parishioners who removed them from the sanctuary.
You could also make your paten out of clay, and paint it when it hardens.
Next come the offering: the Queen was led before the high altar and, kneeling before a bishop seated there, kissed the paten and made her offering of gold.