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pate / паштет, башка, голова
имя существительное
pate, paste, pasty
chump, noggin, pate, twopenny, noddle, dome
head, brain, loaf, pate, noggin, jowl
имя прилагательное
patchy, scrappy, snippy, pate
имя существительное
a person's head.
he scratched his balding pate
имя существительное
a rich, savory paste made from finely minced or mashed ingredients, typically seasoned meat or fish.
имя существительное
the paste of which porcelain is made.
The architect from the West Coast was loaded with potential till I glimpsed at a picture of his balding pate .
The advisor pulled back his cowl, and his balding pate , though thick of long, dark hair, shone in the torch-light.
His pate was balding for a young man, but it curled up at the back, and he had fought it down with slicking tonic and a good comb.
Francesca stared down at his balding pate as he returned the last of the paintings to its folder and fastened the string that bound it together.
So, be proud of your pate , keep any hair you may have well cut and don't try spreading it about as a ‘disguise’.
In a survey of female students at UW, an overwhelming 92 per cent preferred a shaved head to a balding pate .
Walking on the black sand was hotter than we'd expected and James soon complained the sun was scalding his pate .
Yes, he does look older after two years as a manager and if his head weren't shaved, it's a fair bet that the grey hairs would be prominently camped out across his pate .
He didn't want to have to deal with this now, but he had to, as a father, or even worse, as a spouse, so he scratched his balding pate and made his way upstairs wearily.
Theron proves a master of the ad-lib gag, for example using the balding pate of a granddad in the audience as a mirror to fix his make-up.