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patchy / пятнистый, неоднородный, разношерстный
имя прилагательное
spotted, spotty, patchy, dappled, brindle, brindled
heterogeneous, patchy, variegated, impure, spotty
bitty, patchy, promiscuous, scratch, piebald, scratchy
имя прилагательное
existing or happening in small, isolated areas.
patchy fog
Mozambique's drought is patchy , with some areas enjoying good rainfall or able to use old Portuguese colonial-era irrigation schemes to boost production.
On examining the heart there was some patchy areas of scar tissue which may in part be related to old age and partly due to some mild narrowing of the coronary arteries that supply the heart.
It may affect patchy areas or long segments of arteries.
It has suffered at the hands of the Japanese 4x4 pick-ups, though, due to its reputation for patchy quality.
The wind was ruffling through her patchy fur and he realised she was as naked as he was, the exposed patches of hide glaringly obvious and peculiar-looking.
The RNIB report shows that eye tests are not routinely carried out in all schools - and where they are, provision ranges from patchy to high quality.
The authors are the first to admit that much of the information is patchy and of variable quality, reflecting the often parlous state of official data.
Research at present is patchy and inconsistent especially for rowing.
The over sowing of old patchy lawn areas can also be tackled at this time.
The novel's language is patchy in quality and it is hard to know whether this is the fault of the author or the translator.