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pat-down / погладить вниз
имя существительное
an act of searching a person for concealed items such as weapons or illegal drugs, made by passing the hands over their clothing.
She gives me a patdown , where she finds nothing.
More recently, the Transportation Security Administration has made headlines with a change in its pat-down policies.
Passengers can choose between the see-through screen or a pat-down .
Pay up, pass through the security patdown , and wait for the lift.
Border regulations allow agents to ask questions, look inside your car, ask you for your passport, and do a patdown .
Nope, they then did a full-body wand and patdown , ran my boarding pass through a computer, and then finally took a dust swab off my shoes to run through a computer.
New patdown procedures are in effect tonight after hundreds of women complained they were being groped during the screenings.
Why they need to do a full-body patdown , as opposed to just a scan of your shoes when you decide not to remove your shoes when you go through the metal detector is not clear to me.
Some searching questions, a patdown and a longish wait in a shed later, I'm in.
The passengers knew she was not a threat and doubtless the poor fool assigned to give her a security patdown and inspect her shoes knew she was no threat, yet the system built around airport security chooses randomly.
She gives me a patdown , where she finds nothing.