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pasture / пастбище, выгон, подножный корм
имя существительное
pasture, grazing, grassland, pastureland, pasturage, grass
pasture, common, paddock, feed, pastureland
подножный корм
pasture, pasturage
graze, feed, pasture, shepherd, herd, tend
feed, pasture, grass, browse, depasture
имя прилагательное
pasture, grass
имя существительное
land covered with grass and other low plants suitable for grazing animals, especially cattle or sheep.
Three quarters of grassland seed mixtures sown in Britain include white clover, yet studies have shown that it only thrives in 20 per cent of fields used as pasture for cattle and sheep.
used to refer to a person's situation in life.
he has departed for the greener pastures of a corner office
put (animals) in a pasture to graze.
they pastured their cows in the water meadow
Furthermore, much of the Lincolnshire Wolds in its unenclosed state was sheep pasture , not arable land.
Just once he let another man pasture a few animals there for the price of grazing.
The Niger here has an inland delta which permits the seasonal growing of rice, while other areas contain sufficient pasture for cattle, sheep, and goats.
The duration and size of the grazing area will vary, as with dairy cows or cattle, taking into account, animal and pasture conditions.
many a horse was put out to pasture there
Without a dar, the Jalul and the handful of other nomadic groups relied on a socio-geographical order that gave them customary rights to migrate and pasture their animals in areas dominated by farmers.
Supplemental forage was provided on all grazing farms when pasture availability was limited.
There is unlikely to be a need to supplement major minerals when cattle are at pasture or on good silage apart from giving magnesium to lactating cows during the risk periods for grass tetany.
The second part of this chapter deals with the utilization of the pasture by the grazing animals.
Yet the industry of raising cattle and sheep on irrigated pasture in California had gross revenues for that year of less than $100 million.