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pastor / пастор, духовный пастырь, розовый скворец
имя существительное
pastor, parson, rector
духовный пастырь
розовый скворец
pastor, rose-colored starling
имя существительное
a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation.
Christian priests, ministers, pastors , and deacons lead weekly services and conduct marriages and funerals.
be pastor of (a church or a congregation).
he pastored Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto
At both churches the two congregations share the pastor and property.
In another report, a pastor and his wife ministering in the southwestern city of Galle were riding in a bus when the tsunami first hit.
Rarely does a congregation want the pastor to lead the church into an era of decline!
He sought out a church that taught the Scriptures that had become his new life. Eight years later he gave up a secure government position to accept the pastorate of a small church.
The superficial similarities are obvious: both have Welsh connections, but write in English; both are priests in the Anglican tradition; both served their pastorates in rural settings.
When Ivan agreed in April 2002 to accept the pastorate , the church was filled with a real sense of peace and thankfulness to God.
Family members, congregational members, pastors , and other church leaders are called to honor marriage.
Two pastorates in New York State preceded the world-famous ministry he established in Neshaminy, Bucks County, north of Philadelphia.
In 1959 Andrew was ordained as a minister and has served the Lord faithfully in different ministries, pastoring churches in Mexico and Texas.
Similar comments were made by all the other pastors where I ministered.