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pasting / склеивание, взбучка, намазывание
имя существительное
gluing, adhesion, pasting, agglutination, conglutination
thrashing, earful, comeuppance, licking, walloping, pasting
anointing, pasting
имя существительное
a severe beating or defeat.
an effort to raise party turnout at the polls and avoid a pasting
coat with paste.
when coating walls with fabric, paste the wall, not the fabric
beat or defeat severely.
he pasted the guy and tied his ankles together
This criticism, however, is as nothing compared to the pasting that the UN is getting from some quarters.
One reason is the aftermath of the 2000-03 bear market in which pension funds and insurance company with-profits funds took a pasting .
We took an absolute pasting and had to make two or three redundancies.
And it was comforting revenge for a pasting at rain-saturated Dooradoyle last season; a none-too-eminent performance before a bigger than local support.
another pasting for England's bowlers
Initially, the shares took a bit of a pasting , but got away lightly, unlike Elan, which saw 50% wiped off it value in the space of day.
In fact, the highest-rated hour of Game Six came after Arizona had all but run away with the game, almost as if America was taking some sort of sick pleasure at watching the Yankees take a pasting .
I know that you love the ring and would suffer it for the duration, but it is just not fair that your poor chap has had to take a financial pasting over an essentially worthless piece of jewellery.
All the time, his own party is being linked to all the things that go wrong and is getting a pasting .
Housing estates like Sallybrook on the Clonea Road took a pasting that is certain to have cost many homeowners substantially in terms of the damage caused.