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pastille / пастилка, таблетка, лепешка
имя существительное
pastille, troche, pastil
tablet, pill, lozenge, pastille, tabloid, troche
cake, lozenge, flapjack, troche, pastil, pastille
имя существительное
a small candy or lozenge.
Following recent takeovers, it has now extended its range to include wine gums, fruit pastilles , jelly beans and traditional boiled sweets, toffees and fudge.
VocalZone, a pastille created to soothe vocal chords and relieve irritations, is available for singers, speakers, smokers and sufferers of the common cold.
Can you believe… these ants had been there eating a single orange fruit pastille for two weeks and more, been packed with my clothing; dangled on the chair and never moved until that Sunday?
Hard on their heels come the Spanish with Jelly Flops, a toxic fruit pastille variant, reminiscent of the Irish Sea.
For this reason, sucking any pastille , lozenge or boiled sweet can help to relieve a sore throat.
The firm began manufacturing fruit pastilles , and they were sold loose and unadvertised in 4lb wooden boxes for a penny an ounce.
She is, instantly, on the stairs, a packet of fruit pastilles in her hand, while lifting an orange one to her mouth, a pillar of certainty.
The fruit pastilles and the shortbread biscuits were eaten in Studio B12.
Sucking of lozenges and pastilles produces saliva which lubricates and soothes inflamed tissues and washes infecting organisms off them.
Remember Pez, those pink pastilles that taste like raspberry-flavoured chalk and are dispensed straight from your favourite cartoon hero, Donald Duck's beak or Popeye's larynx?
In the central area, themed for Lâncome brand, staff and customers float on glass flooring, raised above real water flowing across a mosaic of glass pastilles .