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pastiche / стилизация, смесь, попурри
имя существительное
stylization, pastiche, pasticcio
mixture, mix, blend, compound, composition, pastiche
medley, potpourri, bouillabaisse, pastiche, motley, olio
имя существительное
an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period.
the operetta is a pastiche of 18th century styles
imitate the style of (an artist or work).
Gauguin took himself to a Pacific island and pastiched the primitive art he found there
Then comes an entirely new set of challenges: face-offs with writer friends whose essays he failed to select for the literary pastiche and fears the anthology will get skewered fatally by critics.
Beaton posed the hollow-eyed Warhol between to pretty, bare-chested boys in a pastiche of a Renaissance painting.
a pastiche of literary models and sources
Tripmaster Monkey opens with a pastiche of Ulysses's third chapter, Stephen Dedalus's ten-page interior monologue.
The band ricocheted from one genre to another, often stopping to blend elements into a kicky pastiche of jump blues, beat poetry and lacerating alt-rock/rap.
We were going to pastiche - to model - the whole book after four beginnings of other books: one, for example, was La Vita Nuova, and another was The Journals of Lewis and Clark.
Irony is a kind of escape clause: you don't have to consider the ‘social aspirations more sincere than our own’, only pastiche them.
These moments, along with the principles of combination that bring them into juxtaposition, do not prioritize original composition over pastiche or sample, ambient noise or snippet of radio.
Most prominent is Kevin, the sloe-eyed, dull-witted actor played by Dermot Mulroney almost as a pastiche of Keanu Reeves.
And Chu-Chi Face, in which Nichola McAuliffe's sexy baroness runs rings around Brian Blessed's Vulgarian baron, is even more clearly than before a pastiche of Lehar operetta.