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pasteurize / пастеризовать, делать прививку по методу Пастера
pasteurize, scald, heat-treat
делать прививку по методу Пастера
subject (milk, wine, or other products) to a process of partial sterilization, especially one involving heat treatment or irradiation, thus making the product safe for consumption and improving its keeping quality.
pasteurized milk
We can get a better, healthier diet - especially in places such as northern Europe - when we can import vegetables during the winter, grow others in greenhouses, keep things refrigerated, pasteurize milk, and so on.
Even if you pasteurize the milk and then you test the milk on our instrument, then you will get a bacteria count because we also count the dead bacteria count,’ Lyder says.
We pasteurize the milk, coagulate it with citric acid (Vitamin C), the curd is collected and pressed into molds, cooled and cut.
a temperature high enough to pasteurize the milk
Among foods, E.coli is transmitted most commonly through undercooked minced beef (such as burgers) and milk that is raw, inadequately pasteurised or contaminated after pasteurisation .
Raw milk is pumped from the silos into the plant for pasteurization through an HTST pasteurizer, which operates at speeds up to 115,000 pounds an hour.
The sort of pathogens that milk can contain are retroviruses, which are killed by pasteurisation and processing, zoonotic diseases, and residues of veterinary medicines and antibiotics.
When a batch of blended base mix is complete, it's pumped out of the blend tank into the pasteurizer and homogenizer, and finally into pasteurized storage tanks.
By installing new Pro5 Plus, Bohn adds, an existing pasteurizer operating at 90 percent can increase to 92.5 percent without any piping changes.
The goodness of orange juice doesn't survive pasteurization , and nearly all orange juice is pasteurized these days.