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pastern / бабка
имя существительное
head, pastern, stock, old wife, knucklebone, chestnut
имя существительное
the sloping part of a horse's foot between the fetlock and the hoof.
The hoof pastern axis may be broken forward or broken backward and the heel angle decreased with a low heel (Figure 2-note the low heel angle on this two month old colt).
Triple Crown winner Affirmed, who recently underwent surgery to repair a chronic ligament injury in his left front pastern , returned home to Jonabell Farm near Lexington on Thursday.
Rupert covertly extracted with his hoof and pastern the correct payment for Alexander's numerous orders.
‘He has shattered his pastern very, very badly, and he had to be put down,’ Suhail's racing manager said.
Khalkevi's career was cut short when he severely fractured a hind pastern while prepping for a possible start in the Prix de l' Arc de Triomphe in October 2002.
The pulse can be found with a stethoscope under the heart girth, or with fingers place below the horse's jaw or on the inside of the pastern joint.
Meanwhile, Hawk Flyer, a leading fancy for the Seabiscuit St Leger, has been put down after fracturing a pastern .
In the front legs, ideal proportions are long shoulder, short arm, long forearm, short cannon, medium pastern .
He dislocated a pastern joint and we decided to put him down immediately.
He later suffered complications when other fractures to parts of his pastern were discovered on December 19.
Finally, he injured a pastern training, and it was decided to send him home.