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pastel / пастель, вайда, синяя краска из вайды
имя существительное
pastel, crayon, chalk
синяя краска из вайды
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of a soft and delicate shade or color.
pastel blue curtains
имя существительное
a crayon made of powdered pigments bound with gum or resin.
It consisted of almost two dozen oils - some small, some grand - rounded out by approximately three dozen drawings in pencil, ink, chalk, crayon or pastels .
a soft and delicate shade of a color.
the subtlest of pastels and creams
At the demonstration councillors agreed in principle on a white light to enhance the columns outside the arches and a slightly contrasting colour, possibly pastel blue or lavender, for inside the arch.
DuBack's diverse repertoire of materials includes hand-colored paper collage, silkscreen, charcoal, pastel and watercolor.
The Kentucky Derby poster is a pastel rendering depicting a rich Derby day paddock scene with the twin spires in the background.
Using gouache, acrylic, pastel , crayon and collaged paper, Judy's work is concerned with her direct response to light on landscape.
The colors are pastel , the visuals are soft, and the characters are cute.
We next visited the island of Burano, where picture postcard houses line the canals in contrasting shades of pastel colours.
Key colours include pastel pinks, baby blues, soft yellow, crisp whites and flashes of poppy red.
Hoping to continue his relationship with the Coast Guard, he learned about COGAP on the Coast Guard's Web site, and submitted an original pastel from his book.
Her skin was the colour of the morning sky, that light pastel blue.
While the fish are vivid and flamboyant, the corals are soft pastel shades: ivory and primrose, lavender and peach.