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pasteboard / картон, визитная карточка, железнодорожный билет
имя существительное
cardboard, carton, board, pasteboard, cartoon
визитная карточка
visiting card, calling card, pasteboard
железнодорожный билет
имя прилагательное
insecure, groggy, flimsy, haywire, frail, pasteboard
shaky, wobbly, wonky, rickety, flimsy, pasteboard
имя существительное
a type of thin board made by pasting together sheets of paper.
Lay this paper or pasteboard on the ground intended to receive the figure… and with a stiff, smooth brush, paint with a quick vibration over the whole figure. - Then take up the paper and you will have the entire figure on the ground.
He put chips under it, blocks of various sorts, bits of pasteboard , and at last went so far as to attempt an exquisite adjustment by final pieces of folded blotting-paper.
You might give them a big pasteboard box painted black on the inside.
Cheap, pre-fabricated homes built with timber, corrugated iron and tar pasteboard line the winding road that leads to the masterpiece of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
Enough Californians quite rightly wanted to turn the tables on the governor and if this meant setting the pasteboard crown on his rival's head, they said, so be it.
I got up and went and got the little old guitar, brought it up, and took my knife and cut the pasteboard box around.
All but one of the tickets were produced, but one man in the corner searched every pocket, without avail, for his piece of missing pasteboard .
Almost every piece of pasteboard from programmes to menus around the Old Course featured Lawrie holding the Claret Jug aloft after his Carnoustie triumph.
We know of experiments he made with sundials, probably in 1646, and also a pasteboard model of the solar system which exhibited his artistic as well as astronomical skills.
When dealing with text and images, it is like using a pasteboard .
However, closer examination of the structure of the pocket, particularly the fibers used to make the paper and pasteboard , suggests early nineteenth-century manufacture.