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password / пароль, пропуск
имя существительное
password, sign, parole, watchword, word, countersign
pass, skip, omission, permit, gap, password
имя существительное
a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission to something.
They were a secret detective society you see, with secret meetings, and a secret badge, and passwords and codes and everything.
The handful of people in Nairobi who have managed to buy the book used a secret Swahili password .
When the minicab driver alerted the base with a secret password the man fled empty-handed.
I had a password and access to the system in order to check arrivals at the Reception desk.
The same password that provides Internet access, is also used to control access to subscriber email.
The space is playful and curious, like finding a secret hideout that you need a password to enter.
They can't say that the user must keep his password secure or his machine virus-free.
You also call them and let them know the password so that he or she can open it on their computer.
Results are available through a password protected computer system.
She could have used a password like these kids - but now she'd be in jail.
if you don't know the password you can't come in